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Hey so I have been looking through the boards the last couple of weeks but I am just completely lost and overwhelmed. I have had curly hair my whole life and for the most part it has been controllable. Well, it is changing textures and I think even my curl is changing to more of a 3C and I am just lost. My longest layer is almost to my BSL but a lot of the hair is damaged from dying it over the summer. I don't know anything about proper treatment I just have always done shampoo conditioner my whole life. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start?

Also I am probably chopping a good bit of my hair off next week unless there is some way to revive the hair. Any suggestions? Right now it is taking me about 40 minutes to wash my hair and I am having to do it every other day now (I used to only wash it every 3 to 4 days). This is completely unrealistic for a college student and way too time consuming currently.



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    Welcome Christina! We were all a little overwhelmed when we came here. You're in good company. Have you checked out the Newbies board? That's a good place to start. Here's a link: Newbies info/introductions - CurlTalk

    There is no magic wand and no one thing that works for everyone. Your first move will be to get your hair healthy. For most of us, that meant giving up harsh, damaging sulfate shampoos and getting moisture back in our hair.

    My best advice is to read as much as possible. Don't get overwhelmed, it will all fall into place in time. Be patient and experiment with new techniques and products. Piece by piece, you'll find what works best for you.
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