HELP with Paper Jamz gift...

Myradella3Myradella3 Posts: 2,481Registered Users
Okay, I know nothing about Paper Jamz except my nephew asked for that and iPad for Christmas. Since the budget (from his aunt and uncle) is $100, we're only going with former. But what do I get? I thought it was one guitar but there appear to be pieces? Or are they required or suggested like paddles with the Wii?

Any help is appreciated.


  • PoPo Posts: 2,607Registered Users
    You can just buy separate instruments. Unless he wants to get a little band together with his friends, he can only play one instrument at a time anyway. My son has a guitar and tried to get me to buy an amp for it, but the guitar is plenty loud without the amp.

    I would probably buy a guitar, a strap, and an amp (def send an apology card to his parents along with the amp LOL!).
  • CGNYCCGNYC Posts: 4,937Registered Users
    Same. My daughter has the guitar but she is SO not getting the amp. I'd get the guitar, strap, and amp like Po suggested.
  • Myradella3Myradella3 Posts: 2,481Registered Users
    Thanks, they live in an apt so I might need to skip the amp.
  • CGNYCCGNYC Posts: 4,937Registered Users
    You know, I think it may work with headphones. I have a sort of vague memory of my daughter singing along with the headphones on while we tried really hard not to laugh so loud that she realized we could hear her. That may have been with the Paper Jamz guitar. If it does work with headphones, get some. The parents will thank you.