My two curly headed toddlers (3&4yo)

Jenica77Jenica77 Registered Users Posts: 5
Hi, I have a four year old daughter with 3b hair, long, ringlets, thin but a lot of hair. I also have a 3yo with shorter 2, wavy, thin/fine hair.

I myself have 3a-b and use a modified CG system.

Right now I use Suave kids conditioning shampoo on them both and then the Suave conditioner on the 4yo but nothing else on the 3yo or her hair seems to get weighed down, greasy. I use the kids stuff because it is ear free and they still get it in their face sometimes. That's really why I don't use my products on them. Are there any kids products I should get instead for them? Or any recommendations on gentler adult products?

Also, my older daughter with the 3b hair, hers is more similar to mine. But the 3yo, with the fine, thin wavy hair, I'm kind of lost as to what to do with her hair type. Any suggestions?

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