Permanent makeup. Any have?

Does anyone on this board have permanent makeup? If so, please share the good and the bad.


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    Yes, I had lip liner done. It always bothered me that my lips lacked definition when I didn't wear liner. I felt uncomfortabl wearing lipstick without liner because it looked so "blah." I have full lips, so they didn't exactly disappear when I'm not wearing liner, but they looked undone.

    Lips have more definition
    Line looks natural

    Was pricey!
    It hurt a lot!
    Took a long time to heal and to reach its final look.
    Still isn't as defined as I'd like
    Hard to find good tattooers
    montage-3.gif No MAS.

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    I had permanent eyeliner done about 14 years ago. I loved it!!! When I was younger (up until 30 and kids ;-)), all I really felt like I needed was eyeliner. I loved the permanent eyeliner for several years because I didn't need any other makeup. Now, it is faded and I could use a touch up. I still like it because even without makeup, I have something, but I usually add more. I haven't had it touched up (darkened) because now that I am older, I feel like I need more makeup. So if I'm going to put makeup on anyway, I might as well swipe a liner over my lids while I'm at it. Glad I did it though. HTH!
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    Thank you for the replies. I went and had my eyebrows and upperlid done. I also had my eyelashes tinted. I can honestly say that I'm thrilled with the results. My face always looked so washed out because I have blonde eyebrows and eyelashes. Now all I do is put on a little blush in the morning and I'm out the door. So many people have commented I look so healthy and glowing. What have I done? I'll never tell...

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