Which hair type?

Hey fellow curly girls!!! I discovered about 2 years ago or so that my hair is not just frizzy, it's curly! I was so excited and have let my natural curls shine through since, except for a 6 month break when I decided to keep it straight. I have recently decided that I miss my curls and I've been researching lately how to better care for them. I had no idea how much there was out there. I didn't know there were places like this and I had certainly never heard of a curl specialist until last week!. I am looking forward to my appt for a deva cut next week, but in the meantime, I'm just wondering which curl type I have? This is from a year and a half ago.


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    Actually, I can't really see your hair close enough in the photo, but if I had to guess, it looks to me that you're 2c-ish (Your curl doesn't look tight enough to be in the 3 range, but then again, I don't think I'm seeing the photo well).

    If you're really hoping to figure out the best haircare for your hair, be sure to put time into determining your hair proterties (texture, porosity, elasticity, density). I keep finding over and over again how considering my hair's properties really directs the best product and routine choices for my hair. There's lots of good info on hair properties on :)
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    Hard to tell from this pic. Looks to be in the 2 range, but that could even change once you get the cut IF you're getting it layered or considerably shorter. After my layered Deva cut, mine went from a (very thick) 3b w/3a to 3b/3c, it seems. Would love to see your hair after you've cut it. If you can get some pics that are closer up it'd be helpful.

    Good luck with your cut :D