Protein Oatmel, Pancakes.

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Anyone have a good recipe for these, were they come out good I tried a few ways but they come out like crap. Any experience, person plz share here.


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    Here's a blog that I love...I've met the woman that writes it and her recipes are great...simple easy to follow and most importantly taste good! Here are some posts that might help you

    protein oatmeal
    protein pancakes

    Her whole blog is dedicated to weightloss friendly (and specific to bariatric friendly foods) that are healthy but taste great. She does a lot of "healthy remixes" to favorites and fast food. All of her recipes are low sugar, low carb, low fat or some combination of the three.

    I've cooked a lot of her recipes for friends and coworkers and most have not been able to tell that its so healthy for them (there are a few that can taste the difference in the fat/richness of the dish). I haven't tried the protein oatmeal or the pancakes but let me know how it works out for you.

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