Dread Lock disaster

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I decided to get dreads b/c I couldn't get my hair to grow and was frustrated. They ended up looking awful as I am not fully black, and I really do believe black ppls are the best manicured locks. In any case I brushed them out it took two days, lots of oil, and it seriously damaged my hair. I am quite sure the porosity of my hair is to cry about now. I ended up having to cut most of it due to awful damage. What is left is still pretty damaged and all different lengths! I was wondering will my new hair that grows in be just as bad??? Should I just shave my d*mn head? lol Or can I get it to grow back healthy without doing a bigger chop than I have already done. I am so dumb I should have just figured it out to begin with b/c I had virgin hair before with alot less damage. Please give me some ideas. Also I have been using the curl enhancing smoothie I notice it has a humectant in it. I live in colorado. I have been putting a moisturizer before applying this. Is this a bad idea? Also what is a good leave in conditioner that is high quality ingredients, relatively priced, and highly moisturizing without weighing my hair down??

I know that was alot but I have white parents. This is all so new to me. Please help.


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    My opinion is that it's better to get rid of damage and make a fresh start. U can wear a wig or braids if short hair makes you uncomfortable. Start with simple routine like once a week shampoo with nonsulfate followed by deep conditioner. Then a cowash every two days. After washIng use a leave in followed by oil or butter. You will have to experiment and see if u need more washes less washes,what sealants work ect. Its not an easy or overnight process. And not being black enough has nothing to do nothing. My mom taught me nothing about natural hair care
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    It's already so short!! Look at my avatar!! lol I cut off alot. so you think I should shave it? Because that would be the next step.
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    People with straight hair don't get dreads by twisting I heard they crochet it.

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    You may want to continue to deep condition your hair on a more frequent basis and nurse your hair back to health. If you have more damage, cut that, but leave the healthy hair. You may not have to do a buzz cut to start over unless you have damage all the way down to the roots.

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