Quest for the Perfect HG!

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Hey wavies. I am a total product junkie, and have been searching and reading reviews for tons of products here and I am still not sure what to try! I need something to give definition, clumping, and frizz control of course. What's you HG? What products have you tried and hated? I need some help!!

2bc, high porosity, medium texture, thick

NO-POO & Loving it! :toothy8:
Co-Wash: Garnier Fructis Pure Clean
Deep Condition: Agadir Argan Oil Moisture Masque
Styling: Fructis Style Curl Scrunch Gel, Grapseed Serum
Dislikes: Sulfates, Cold air, alcohols
Loves: Coconut oil!

2C/3A whurly, medium porosity, medium texture
Co wash: 365 Everyday Value Lavender (HG Status!)
Low Poo: (only when I need to) Rainforest moisture
Rinse-out: 365 Everyday Value Lavender & CNPF
Leave-In: KCKT (HG Status!)
Loves: Coconut oil, protein,
Stylers I Love: KCCC, LASG, Artec Textureline Aero Mousse, Suave CC, KC Spiral Spritz
PT: Aphogee 2 step once every 4 weeks
Best Techniques: Cold water rinse, raking, smasters with KCCC