Greasy scalp but frizzy hair?

guitargirl17guitargirl17 Posts: 17Registered Users
Does anybody else have that problem? My hair dresser told me that a lot of teens have greasy scalps and that it will get better as I get older. Any ways anybody ha found to get rid or help this problem? Or am I the only one... :)


  • FrannieGoytFrannieGoyt Posts: 114Registered Users
    Do u do the CG method or do u shampoo or Lo-poo or what lots of the time if u r CG u just need a Lo poo for the scalp and moisture on the ends..... :)

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  • chicabellezachicabelleza Posts: 82Registered Users
    I agree, if you're CG, try clarifying once or twice a month to remove build up. :)

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  • curlycutie3494curlycutie3494 Posts: 7Registered Users
    I have the same problem! I shampoo twice a week max. If i feel like my scalp is especially greasy then I Co-wash
  • ChikyuuChikyuu Posts: 268Registered Users
    Maybe avoid applying products besides shampoo to your scalp and/or only shampoo your scalp?
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  • guitargirl17guitargirl17 Posts: 17Registered Users
    I've been CG since the summer, and I think I do need to get a low-poo, I've been using no poo, this is probably the problem. However, I'm also going to try and get some clarifying products and try those like once a month, once every two weeks, etc. Thanks everyone for your help!

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