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SammySingallySammySingally Registered Users Posts: 131

I recently started using homemade basil oil and taking Biotin supplements. Do you think these are okay? Biotin helps with having healthy hair and basil oil is said to promote a healthy hair growths. So, what you think?

Things I use: Olive Oil, Canola oil, rosemary oil, aloe vera gel, shea butter, mayonnaise, eggs, milk, bananas

Everything I use is 100% natural. I make most of them myself because then I'm sure what's in it and I'm sure nothing's added, it's pure, it's natural.

Things I avoid: Mineral oil (codename: Baby oil), heat (I'm a total, no hair driers, no straighteners, no curling irons, no flat irons, no hot combs...nada), sodium chloride

Growing plan: At least 6 inches longer in a year.


  • theliothelio Registered Users Posts: 5,374
    i dont know about th ebasil oil. but my sister takes biotin. her hair and nails both seem healthier. but she has been breaking out more.

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