Should I continue growing out?

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I've pretty much had long waist length hair since I was 14.. I'm used to having long hair since it was so ugly when it was short because I had no idea about silicones and sls and all that jazz..

I've just been outgrowing a horrible haircut and decided to just chop the whole thing down to where the good hair started.. its around bsl and its cute.. I like it and it looks good now that I know what works and what doesn't for my hair..

The problem is that I know in a weeks time I will want long hair and want it grown out.. :(.. I'm so undecided about growing it out.. it feels like I'm just used to it being long but its more convenient being the length it is and kind of puts me off. Did or is anyone else going through this??
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    This is definitely a personal choice. I used to never be able to get past SL. Then after sew ins and stopping going to the salon for trims it grew to BSL. Then I had fun and maintained it there. I did BKT and flat ironed it bout 1-2x a month. Then I started noticing the breakage again AND the line of demarcation between my BKT'd hair and my new growth. Sooo I thought about doing a big chop to cut off the straighter BKT'd hair but that would make my hair really short albeit healthy. I decided against it. So I'm doing a long transition. I've found my motivation once again to have healthy natural hair and I want it to stay long.

    So I said all that just to say it's totally up to you :)
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