Newbie looking for some help!

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There's just SO much to learn! I am hoping I'm on the right track but thought that maybe a few of you could chime in.

I'm a 3A with very fine, dry hair that breaks. I have really lovely curls though, if I can ever get them to be healthy! Shoulder length.

Here's what my new routine is (as of tomorrow!)

Low Poo (Natures Gate Herbal) 2-3x week
Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner
Giovanni Direct Leave In
Curl Junkie Queen Hair Gel (or nothing at all if its a good day)
Apple Cider Rinse 1x week before leave in

How does that sound? What changes would you recommend?

For days between showers, what should I be doing to my hair? Rewetting with water bottle and putting on the leave-in? Something else entirely? It gets pretty parched in the mid-end section, but normal by my scalp, and even towards oily after 3 days.

Any special I should be doing at night, so that my hair is cared for while I sleep?


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