"I hate curly hair! It's sooo UGLY!"

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Okay, so today I was eating lunch with my friends when this girl that we sometimes eat with comes traipsing through, sighing/yelling: "But I don't wanna wear my hair natural. It's soooooo frizzy and ugly! I hate curly hair!" Now, this girl doesn't have any curl, at all. She barely has any wave on the ends. The "curl" she was talking about was the lines in her hair left from a ponytail. Now, I have 3a/b, dark, hair that's two or three inches past my shoulder, and this girl stared at me, smirking the entire time. Of course, right after she whined about her "natural curl", she caught all the compliments that she was fishing for. I asked her if she used gel or a diffuser when she went natural and all I got was a raised eyebrow and a stupid look. Now, I know I can't slap her or show her how un-curly her hair really is, but I just really wanted to rant on her obnoxious, anti-curly tendencies...
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    Wow...don't you hate when people do that? I would pay no attention to her because it seemed like she wanted to get a rise out of you.
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    people like that do not know or understand the meaning of "curl" or "poofy" or "frizzy". Jeez doesn't it irritate you when someone says that their hair is poofy or is SOOOO frizzy when it has the slightest wave in it. i tend to give them the whole "r u kidding me look" when they say this.
  • favoritecolorblufavoritecolorblu Registered Users Posts: 287
    Squiggles wrote: »
    people like that do not know or understand the meaning of "curl" or "poofy" or "frizzy". Jeez doesn't it irritate you when someone says that their hair is poofy or is SOOOO frizzy when it has the slightest wave in it. i tend to give them the whole "r u kidding me look" when they say this.

    I look at people like that a lot. Lol.

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    just ignore her.i think she did it on purpose to annoy u.behave like u dont care she will get angry and leave,behave like u care and she will be pleased nd not leave:money:
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    Just remember it comes from a place of jealousy and insecurity. She must feel really ugly about herself and her looks if she has to make insulting comments to fish for complements.

    Its hard but try to ignore her and others like her. When I hear stuff like that, I igore it - though I had to work hard to get to the place where I can. If they're really annoying, I usually will say to the person I'm with, "I love my hair, I'm so glad its not boring," and the person I'm with (who knows about my CG journey, cuz all my close friends do) will always agree with me. :D
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    I had this happen before but for my daughter .. I was at a Playgroup and some other mum noticed my daughters hair and said that she didn't know how I managed her hair and that she would 'just die' if her kids had curly hair like that, there was no mistaking her, it was a definite insult because she looked so proud saying it.

    I thought it was really rude of her, not just to me, I don't care but she was pretty much insulting a 2 year old girl!! Merce gets plenty and plenty of compliments on her hair so what she said didn't phase me but I am however worried how my little girl will handle hair haters growing up.

    This was the first time someone actually said something bad about her hair, I didn't know how to react, so I just pretended I didn't hear her. :(. I wish I punched her face but I wasn't going to sink myself down to her level. :(
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    Wowowow that girl sounds horribly obnoxious.
    Just so you know it's nowhere near like that everywhere!! Girls at my school WISH that they had curls. My friend always tries to make her waves curls, and other girls sleep in braids to get bigger waves! Straight hair is so dull. Why do people want it? They just don't know how to handle the curls. Embrace it!
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    Wow, some people.. I'm sure your hair is beautiful! Don't listen to haters like her.

    Also, I don't get why people have to put down something else to praise another (e.g. "Oh, straight hair is so boring and flat! Curly hair is much better."). While I am personally partial to curly hair, I think both straight and curly can be beautiful if treated right, straight hair doesn't have to be boring.
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    I, too, usually get more of the "I wish my hair were curly like yours" comments. What I don't get is: Why do people feel they have to say anything? I never give out random insults, do you? What is the point of that?

    I think any type of criticism usually comes from people who are overly self-critical. I have a cousin who is very, very insecure about his own looks and he is the first to make a negative comment about anyone else's looks--be it a double-chin or whatever. It's because he's so focused on his own perceived shortcomings, that he tends to focus on those of others.

    That's where I think this type of comment comes from--insecurity on the part of the commenter.

    Pay it no mind!
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    I like to repeat this verse to myself when I hear people say things like that:

    "i choose to be free like organic, that's the only way to go i guarantee, give it a try and I'm sure you'll agree, natural people are of amazing beauty' - from my album and over Pete Rock's Intrigue Instrumental......

    Also from Dead Prez - "When you love yourself there's always going to be haters"

    Natural hair is the sexiest, remember that!!
    "Life is too short to keep your hair short"

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