Vo5 kiwi and lime shampoo and conditioner

Ok, so I finally found this stuff but it says Herbal Clarifying? Is this the one everyone loves and co-wash with and uses as a leave in? :?

Doesn't it strip everyone's color?

2c, 3a and 3b combined. I think anyway
Love Activate poo, Jessicurl too shea and aloeba as a leave in, Curls spiral cream(old version) and milkshake!!


  • pro211pro211 Posts: 110Registered Users
    I have dark brown color treated hair and it hasn't stripped mine yet .
    I really love this stuff as a co wash . I have not used this as a leave in .
  • Kgrl17Kgrl17 Posts: 137Registered Users
    I've never used the shampoo but I use the conditioner for co-washing because it is supposed to be clarifying. That way I can co-wash without my hair getting over conditioned or feeling gross.