Texlaxing questions for a 4a sistah????

Hi I'm new to this site!

I am a 4a my hair is extremely curly/coily without products I have spirals and snake shaped hair. It is cottony and looks pretty wet but when it drys my hair looks like a brillo pad. I just big chopped in August 2011 and I have about 3 inches of hair.

I have been natural in the past. I went natural in january 2008 and went back to perms in september of 2010. Even though my hair was down my back the shrinkage made my hair look like it was maybe 6inch long TWA. I hated that!!! I wore weaves alot while i was natural.

Now I didn't like the relaxer because my hair was extremely thin and when I colored it, it broke off!! It was extremely short in the front an long in the back so I had to cut it!

I Like being able to wear my hair curly and big, I hate my TWA and even after 2 almost 3 years of being natural I still had a TWA!!! So I am thinking of TEXLAXING to get the best of both worlds. I want to be able to wear a wash and go and I want to be able to flat iron my hair without it being an all day event.

The problem is I feel like I'm selling out! In truth I just want to be happy with my hair. The hair that comes out of my scalp and not out of a bag on a weft.

SO the question is: Why do Naturals get sooo upset with people who texturize or Texlax??? Its still your hair when its coming out of your scalp whether it is dyed, relaxed, natural, or texturized? I think its more acceptable to wear a weave then it is to admit you texlax. This is just coming from the views from youtube and internet postings.


  • BrettyUBrettyU Posts: 930Registered Users
    I honestly don't understand why it matters. Why spend time making decisions for random people? It's YOUR hair and as you said you are the one who has to be happy with it. Please don't invest anymore of your time worrying or wondering what's going to be popular with other naturals. At the end of the day you've got to be happy with yourself.
  • LouisewallaceLouisewallace Posts: 1Registered Users
    You have to do what's good for you How can you keep your hair in its most healthily shape ?
  • SexychocolateSexychocolate Posts: 55Registered Users
    Its your hair, and you have to do what you can to make things easier for you to maintain it, and still be happy with it. I had my hair texturized in the beginning of this year (January I think). After that I have only texturized my edges for a smoothier, softer look. And I love it. I twist it twice a week and wear a Fall as a protective style, but thats what I want...and I'm happy with it. Its easy in the morning, when I get ready for work. I don't want to fool with it that much. Anyway, my hair looks better as far as sheen or shine when I do soften it with a texturizer, but I have the stylist do it for me. I don't purchase texturizer from a supplier. I had the same problems as you with relaxers. My hair was super, super straight...no body. It would take weeks for my hair to get texture back for thickness, sometime I would only have my hair relaxed twice a year because I wanted some body to it. But, I feel yah. But, don't worry about how you will be viewed, it you lifestyle.:lol::drunken:

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