Thermal Heat Protection Spray

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Hello ladies. I would like to flat iron my hair for XMas, but I'm a little nervous about heat damage. My best friend (who was natural for 2 years) had her hair professionally flat ironed just ONE time and ended up with extensive heat damage.

I've read a gazillion tips on how to lessen any heat damage that I might incur:

--Only use ceramic flat irons

--Use the proper temperature for my hair type

--Do a protein and deep conditioning treatment before and after applying this sort of heat

--Roller set my hair instead of blow drying it prior to the use of the flat iron

The tip that confuses me the most is heat protection spray. I keep thinking the idea of a spritz that will magically safeguard your hair from 400 degree heat sounds a little bogus. Has anyone noticed a difference in their hair when they use thermal protection spray? And does anyone know exactly how this stuff is supposed to work? ...Is it the 'cones, oils, or some other chemical that is supposed to protect the hair?


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    Most heat protectant spray has silicone that coats the hair so when you straighten your hair, you hair gets protected (the heat touches the product, not the bare hair).

    If you straighten or use heat tools on bare hair, overtime you will get split ends and breakage.
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    I heard the same thing about cones coating the hair to protect it. I straightened my hair for the first time in 7 months like 2 weeks ago, and bought Got2B Guardian Angel Heat Protection for up to 425 degrees. I was kinda doubtful of the coverage of spray on (since Im use to a heat protectant cream) but my curls seem to have made it through the flat ironing process fine =] Its kind of like a mist but I used a good amount, really giving the roots some attention. Since this was my first time trying it, I cant "recommend" the product just yet but Im happy so far
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  • naturalnewbnaturalnewb Posts: 193Registered Users
    Thanks for the info :) I'll try got2b whenever I get around to flat ironing my hair.

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