two day old rod set gone BAD ALREADY!!

CourtyCourtCourtyCourt Posts: 16Registered Users
Hey Everyone!

Just a couple days ago I went to the hair salon to get a rod set. I wanted a change and also wanted to refrain from wetting my hair due to the cold months ahead.

My hair is a mix of 3b but mainly 3c. With my rod set I have oiled my scalp at night as well as tie it up with a silk bonnet. i noticed in the morning its frizzy, matted and dry.

I have even took a little bit of Carols Daughter mimosa hair honey rubbed it on my fingers and pulled the curls out a little....that didnt help either.

Am I doing something wrong?Is it my hair texture?? I thought rod sets should be fresh for a couple of days...mine looks 2 wks old lol. Im tempted to wash it out! Any suggestions??