Texturizing and Pregnant

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I am having a dilemma. I am an African American from Clinton, MD but now live in Bali, Indonesia with my husband and his family. I am now pregnant with my second child and I don't know if I should continue to texturize my hair. I think I have 3c hair and I just really texturize to smooth my edges and have my curly bush lay a little flatter. I use Phyospecific Index 1 about every 2 or 3 months, depending. I did not texturize for my first pregnancy, but I am worried that I will lose my now longer lengthed hair to breakage if I go back to braids. Please let me know what you think. What opinions I get here will ultimately decided what I do. Thank you my fellow curlies for your help :smile:


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    Your hair looks beautiful. I would do the braids. If they're done carefully and not too tight and you keep them moisturized you may not get ANY breakage.

    Whatever you decide, good luck. :)

    Jen :D

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    I would suggest braids as well, there are some scary articles about what those chemicals could do to babies, since the chemical can pass through the mother's blood stream.
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    What did you decide to do? I don't know much about braids so if you like them and it's low maintenance for you then go ahead. Could you just let your hair air dry in braids or bun and put in one loose braid for bed? Usually moisturized 3c hair with a gel for hold will not be bushy if properly moisturized and using a product for hold.

    I'm curious. Most American women color or relax their hair, including during pregnancy. How many of these children have health problems because of these practices?

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