Senegalese Twist for Transitioning hair?

MissFreeMissFree Posts: 4Registered Users
Hi all!
I am currently 4 1/2 months into my transition and I was wondering if getting Senegalese twists installed into my hair would be a good idea. I need a protective style that I can keep in for a long period of time that one require me to be constantly twisting my hair. (my twist outs do not last very long it seems). Anyway, so would getting Senegalese twists put into my hair thin out my hair or give me any more damage or breakage?

Thanks for all your help.

~Miss Free. :mrgreen:


  • Aerogirl530Aerogirl530 Posts: 135Registered Users
    the extensions cud way down your edges and make them thin, so i usually do it without extensions
  • MissFreeMissFree Posts: 4Registered Users
    MMM I see well I want the twists around the sides to be loose enough not to have too much tension on it. And I am going for really long twists.

    Thanks for you input. :mrgreen: