Looking for salon in Palm Springs, CA area.

j3jewell67j3jewell67 Posts: 3Registered Users
I've been growing my hair out for 6+ years (I went from Halle Berry short to past my shoulder blades.) and want a slight change but don't trust anybody to not mess it up. Can anyone recommend a salon in the Palm Springs, CA area? I really don't want to travel more than 20 miles beyond, if I don't have to.

Thanks, in advance!!!


  • ocwavyocwavy Posts: 38Registered Users
    Howdy, there is a salon in Plm Desert that is a Ouidad salon. Check out the Ouidad web site to see waht they are all about. The salon is "Salon Darcy" and the stylist's name is Mark Ellis. Phone # is 760-641-5906. I haven't used him or the Ouidad method but I had thought about it. I do drive a bit to get my hair cut but it is a Deva cut. If you go let me know how it goes. You could also check the Naturally site under salons. Good luck.