Getting started!! HELP :P

I need some help!! I really want to start the CG method to help my 3A/3B curls. I have super thick dry frizzy hair and it is a pain to control! I think that the CG method can help me with that. But I have no clue where to start!!! So please I'd like any tips and tricks with starting the CG method. Thanks!!


  • curlykristxcurlykristx Registered Users Posts: 445
    I just started cg again a few days ago. I use suave naturals(ocean breeze) as my co wash and tresseme naturals (aloe and avocado) as my rinse out. To style I use la bella gel,or herbal essences gel. I also use coconut oil as a sealer if my ends feel dry. Im still workin on my routine, but i think im getting close. Hope ya find the help you need and Good luck :)
  • bbunnycurliesbbunnycurlies Registered Users Posts: 40
    Thanks so much for commenting. I will definitely look into those products! I am thinking of starting this week or next week.

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