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BroskiBroski Posts: 2Registered Users
Hello I have pretty curly hair. It can be very light, poofy and frizzy. It's not like a have a fro or something, it's just pretty curly. And it's medium length.

I just don't know how to take care of it the best way. I want to have smooth silky curly hair. Right now i'm using the garnier silk and shine system. I've been shampooing and conditioning everyday.

My question. How often should I be washing and conditioning my hair? I've been reading many mixed ideas at what's best for hair.

thanks so much!


  • Tank10Tank10 Posts: 119Registered Users
    Depends on how oily your hair gets. If your hair produces a lot of oil I say shampoo every other day(so mon,wed,fri)and condition every day. If your hair is more dry and brittle you should skip the shampoo and condition everyday plus add a deep conditioner at the end of the pics so i can further give tips
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    Also I recommend the moisture and seal by hairdrenalin.

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  • BroskiBroski Posts: 2Registered Users
    Thanks for the comments! they help a lot. My hair definitely falls under dry and brittle category. What are some good shampoos and conditions that I can get from like say walmart or Target?
  • Tank10Tank10 Posts: 119Registered Users
    I started using treseme natural and I gotta say its in good terms with me also V05.
  • manemanmaneman Posts: 136Registered Users
    Tresemme Naturals is awesome and although I haven't tried it personally, I've also heard good things about the Suave line
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    I love the suave coconut

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  • favoritecolorblufavoritecolorblu Posts: 287Registered Users
    curlybran wrote: »
    I love the suave coconut

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    Yes! Suave coconut is great. :)

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