Want to straighten but with what and do I need to protect my hair?

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Ok, new to curly girl and in desperate need of a straightener. My last one burned my hair, thats right it did! I think the plates were really bad (4 yrs old) and i had some product in my hair at the time. Does anyone have suggestions. Every stylist i ask says something different. Usually i would straighten with Kerastase Oelo-relax in my hair with it still wet. Blow dry, then straighten. I was so traumatized about 4 months ago i haven't bought a new straightener.
Sooo, What one should i get? Type 3 A hair
I don't care about cost as long as it works, and there are so many different Chi's, Sedus, FHI's, etc, what is the best?
Do i need to put an thermal protective spray on my hair? It is a little frizzy at times so don't know if that makes a difference. All suggestions welcome. Thanks Curly Girls!


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    Get a Babyliss Nano Titanium pro. Read the reviews on Amazon - promise you will not regret it!! The ultra thin model is super chic :)
    Very coarse, thick, porous 3B. My biggest challenge is SOFTNESS and SHINE.

    Current shampoo: Biosilk w/ added vitamin E
    Current conditioner: Lush Okra :love5:
    Leave-ins: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, KCCC
    CG didn't work for me. Oils don't work for me. Trying hard to learn how to love my hair. Read my blog.
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    I really love the ghd it get's hair super straight and shiny on the pricey side but well worth it as far as heat protectants go I love morrocan oil, sabino lok and blok,kerastase ultime elixir and for the cheapie side i like ic shine straighting serum... to me morrocan oil is the best in controlling frizzies and creating shine hth
  • laffnowcrylaterlaffnowcrylater Posts: 10Registered Users
    Love my Solia straightener

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