texturizer question ??

okay, so ive had a lot of recent posts about texturizers lately, and other texturizer related things. well my younger sister, has 3c, (similar to mine) very coily hair. i put a silk elements with olive oil no lye sensitive scalp relaxer on her yesterday, and as soon as i applied it on the pieces, i would wash it out. so litterally it wasnt on her hair for even 1 min. my mother and i were afraid she was going to loose her curls. well today when we styled her, it didnt even look different (with the excepetion of like 2 strands) can i redo it tomorrow? it says wait 4-6 weeks, but can i just go ahead and re do since i never left it on for the original relaxer amount (time) to begin witH?
thanks you guys :)
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