What kind of Honey do you use? (cleanser)

SanaxRadianceSanaxRadiance Posts: 95Registered Users
So I know some of you use honey as a cleanser, but what KIND?
Organic, of course.
But is there any specific kind/brand?

I got raw local wildflower honey... And I don't really like it. It doesn't seem to work great, and it's super runny. And very dark...

Which confuses me, because the last raw honey I got was... Well, not runny, and very light. So is that a bad thing?
I didn't buy that one again because it made my face feel weird. Not sticky or anything.... Just... Weird.

I use Manuka honey in my masks/ as a spot treatment, but never use it as a cleanser because it's so expensive. ($30 something, or more, for 18+)
I might get a cheaper one, 5+ or so, but until then I just want to try a normal organic one.

So is the wildflower one I'm using ok? Or should it be something else?


  • theliothelio Posts: 5,374Registered Users
    Depending on where the honey is from and kind it is, you will get differnt colors and consistancies. wildflower, clover, orange blossom, ect. will all be differnt and taste differnt as well.
  • SanaxRadianceSanaxRadiance Posts: 95Registered Users
    Ah ok, thank you :)
    I'm going to mix some of the honey with cinnamon and green tea. Maybe that will make it work a tad better for me.
    But I think I still might get a different kind, whenever I can.
  • SanaxRadianceSanaxRadiance Posts: 95Registered Users
    I just bought Really Raw Honey. I love how thick it is.
  • GoddessCurlsGoddessCurls Posts: 1,537Registered Users
    I use Wee Bee honey ....its raw and completely unheated...and only like about $10

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    I know I'm a bit late to this with my post but I just wanted to say; it mainly makes no difference what honey you use, as long as it's pure/raw honey. Wildflower, sourwood, clover, etc... They all contain the healing/antibacterial properties that make it effective.

    The only exception for some would be Manuka. It is medical grade, very helpful on burns and diabetic wounds, and does work well with some skin types BUT since it is a tea tree based honey I'm not sure if it would work for me. Tea tree tends to dry me out more and then my face makes twice as much oil to compensate. It's a vicious circle.
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