Do you mind when people touch your hair without asking?

Dee_marieDee_marie Posts: 8Registered Users
For me, it's okay if my family or very close friends touch my hair. But if some random or friend touches my hair without asking just to see how it feels when it's natural and curly, I get so irritated! I have no idea why, but it just bugs me. My mom says I was always like that. Anyone else?
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  • KurlyPrincessKurlyPrincess Posts: 1,847Registered Users
    I don't really care if they touch it, as long as they don't run their fingers through my hair or play with it a lot..
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  • vanillalushvanillalush Posts: 31Registered Users
    Not particularly, but I'd rather they didn't.
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  • tsrocks96tsrocks96 Posts: 1Registered Users
    I don't really care, but I always sit there awkwardly and wonder what I'm supposed to do while they play with my hair xP
  • favoritecolorblufavoritecolorblu Posts: 287Registered Users
    I don't like when people touch my head. They either pat me like a dog, grab a ponytail/puff, or the shove their hands into the back. I literally dodge people.
  • vmariscalvmariscal Posts: 29Registered Users
    There is nothing that drives me more crazy then when people touch my hair!!! Especially when it is wet!!
  • JohariJohari Posts: 673Registered Users
    I hate it but I'm not going to say it.because its not like a total stranger did it but a classmate that I don't really like.they've only touched it when its straight never natural eventhough I wear both in ponytails only.its hard to go natural in school because most girls critize me about it.and when I do flat iron they say comments like 'oh the roots still nappy' or 'is that a weave,nah the roots jus nappy'.....I feel more comfortable with my hair natural and straight when I'm outside of school because I don't feel judged.the only reason I ever started flat ironning is because I was teased by one girl that was a year younger than me in middle school!she would say I need to fix my hair and that I'm ugly and I'm a bi**h...but now I care less that my peers want me to flat iron so I only do it once a month for trimming.I can't wait to go to college whoo!class of '13...also am I the only one that experiences black guys don't hit on you unless your hair is straightened?

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  • Dee_marieDee_marie Posts: 8Registered Users
    Yay class of '13 too ;)
    I went natural about three weeks ago. I got frustrated and tired with the constant flat ironing. Now, I'm absolutely in love with my curls! So a few day after, some(not so close) friend of mine just reached out and touched my hair when we were sitting in home room. It was still a little wet since I wet it that morning. I turned around and asked her not to touch my hair and she got a little attitude. The next time, I was walking out of the lunchroom talking with my friend and this girl I'm friends with walked up behind me and patted my head to see what it felt like. I got annoyed. It's like a lot of these people feel the need to touch my hair to see what "black people curls" feel like. Both of the girls, white and hispanic, have beautiful hair also but I don't pat their head just to see what it feels like with out asking. That's just weird. They just don't get it. It's frustrating.
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    Lazy Day daily regimine;)- Spritz with some water, add some Knot Today leave in conditioner, and some Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothe

    Currently on a quest to grow my hair out. I'm aiming for 6 inches within the next year :cool:
  • MyHairIsCurlyMyHairIsCurly Posts: 22Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I don't really care if they touch it, as long as they don't run their fingers through my hair or play with it a lot..

    Same here. Usually when people at school touch it, they do it ever so gently :)
  • helpmycurlhelpmycurl Posts: 19Registered Users
    i love when people touch my hair. They realize how soft it is and then we go off on long conversations about hair. I should mention that i LOVE to talk about hair
  • jaybabeex3jaybabeex3 Posts: 192Registered Users
    No I hate it. I feel like I'm not a dog don't pat my head
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  • ChikyuuChikyuu Posts: 268Registered Users
    I don't mind, as long as it's someone I know.
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  • JbsweetJbsweet Posts: 2Registered Users
    I am okay with it when they are acquaintances at the most, anymore stranger than that and it is awkward.
    I love when some people pet my head, it feels nice.. but some people have greasy hands and the mess up my hair.
  • CurlyTee21CurlyTee21 Posts: 78Registered Users
    I hate when ppl touch my hair when it's curly because my hair will get so frizzy and HUGE when it's touched too much.. But I loveeeee when ppl touch my hair when it's straight.. Everyone that knows me knows I don't like my hair touched when it's curly so they usually don't touch it. If someone I don't know tries to touch my curls I just pull away hella fast..

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  • pandacurlypandacurly Posts: 15Registered Users
    don't really like people touching my hair but it's ok if they ask. my boyfriend has a serious thing for my curls so i would be mean not to let him
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  • FelineAlienFelineAlien Posts: 22Registered Users
    I don't like when people touch my head. They either pat me like a dog, grab a ponytail/puff, or the shove their hands into the back. I literally dodge people.
    Yep, same here! My hair is off-limits! I can't stand it when people touch me OR my hair.
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  • luvs2sinnngggluvs2sinnnggg Posts: 111Registered Users
    I LOVE when people mess with my hair but it depends on who it is. If it's a friend or someone in my family it's okay but I had this weird guy touch it the other day and I flipped out and told him I hate when people touch my hair... Yeah so kinda is my final answer. Lol.

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  • curlyteencurlyteen Posts: 6Registered Users
    It drives me crazy when people touch my hair. It is okay if a family member does it really quick but when strangers or classmates do it I can not stand it. The worst is when the kid that sits behind you twirls your curls or yanks on them
  • shadowofzstatue3shadowofzstatue3 Posts: 16Registered Users
    I usually don't mind as long as they're gentle and don't mess it up! When its a cute guy I DEFINITElY don't mind if they play with it;) lol
  • CurlyWurly2000CurlyWurly2000 Posts: 77Registered Users
    I hate it unless it's someone I know really well (sister, BFF......) except my mum because that hurts :/ (she always wears loads of rings)

    CurlyWurly2000 
  • SummerGirlSummerGirl Posts: 6Registered Users
    I don't hate it but I find it a lil funny. Like for example I was in school doing work and the next thing I know I feel someone playing with my curls, I look behind me and some random girl just blushes than says sorry and I just burst out laughing lol
  • babehbabesbabehbabes Posts: 15Registered Users
    if they aren't friends or family, its fine as long as they ASK FIRST
    i cannot tell you how many times someone has grabbed my head for no reason and i'm just like WTF and they are all "why are you getting so upset" but what they don't get is that you violated my personal space!!!

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  • ellyestherellyesther Posts: 2Registered Users
    It doesn't bother me because I always touch my friends hair without asking so they under stand. BUT I don't like it if they play with it to long, because its super curly and it gets tangled a lot. And its funny when some one randomly comes up and touches my hair cause I freak out i'm like "what the" and there like"sorry" lol its so funny!
  • TammyHTammyH Posts: 90Registered Users
    I just had this happen to me at work a couple of weeks ago.

    A co-worker came up behind me and started touching my hair without my permission. Telling me how pretty it was.

    I was upset because my hair was still kinda damp and told her to stop because she would make my hair frizz. She laughed and said...."no it won't..." Now this lady has a huge frizzy mullet herself. So obviously frizz doesn't bother her.

    She thought I was being silly and when I told that my boyfriend of over 4 years doesn't even touch my hair like that she laughed at me again. She never apologized and continued to make fun of me for several days afterward. Needless to say I don't have much to do with her anymore.

    If you want to touch, ask me. Otherwise, don't.

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  • R0siebellaR0siebella Posts: 1Registered Users
    it is so annoying when people touch my hair. I only let my mom and a guy I like touch my hair.
  • tapanga800tapanga800 Posts: 6Registered Users
    I don't like it when strangers touch my daughter's hair because they like to run their fingers through it. Her hair is 3c.
  • itsKelCeeEeeitsKelCeeEee Posts: 1,084Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Yes, I mind. I mind a lot, actually. And I get really angry when people mind that I mind. Lol.

    My coworkers, sure. My boyfriend and best friends, yes. My brother, definitely. The random woman in Target who thinks it "looks so soft"...nuh uh. I don't like people I don't know touching me anyway. I'd never touch a stranger, and I think it's disrespectful anytime someone assumes it's okay to just touch another random person without any sort of warning.

    Sorry if I sound mad hostile. I just woke up. Lol

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  • ChaklatChaklat Posts: 89Registered Users
    There are people in my immediate circle that automatically touch my hair whenever they hug me or greet me. It is always with a compliment. These peopme I don't mind.

    I was getting an infusion once and the nurse touched my hair. I wanted to be offended but thought "she just put an IV in my arm, its okay for her to touh my hair".

    So to sum it up it all depends on who, when, and where!!

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  • bre_bre_ Posts: 32Registered Users
    Family and Sometimes Friends. Strangers hell no. They mess up my hair running their fingers through my hair.
    -xoxo Bre★
  • CurlyCutie1394CurlyCutie1394 Posts: 348Registered Users
    No it's the ppl that come at me with the claw hand I dnt like. Open palm fluff up, good. Claw like hand, I will break your wrist
  • RingletTeenLoveRingletTeenLove Posts: 116Registered Users
    I hate it with a deep passion burning down in my soul. It annoys the poop out of me. I just wanna slap who ever is frizzing up my hair!!!

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