Can hair that is broken off grow when the rest is long+

or will i just have to shave my head??
I have sooo many broken hairs (lol one just broke now) due to a keratin treatment i had a year and a half ago.
Naturally soft but dull, mixed porosity, doesn't like heavy protein, but does like heavy oil and butters.

Currently only use a sudsy shampoo 3x a week
Homemade oil blend
Kevin murphy motion lotion (need something else)


  • crimsonshedemoncrimsonshedemon Posts: 2,098Registered Users
    Hair grows from your scalp so even broken off hair will continue to grow.
    However, if those ends are split, that split will continue up the hair so you're better off cutting off the damaged, split ends.

    Sounds like your hair could benefit from some protein and moisture... and of course a good haircut.