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:sad11::sad7:ugh! as much as i love natural hair i am so flippin frustrated with my hair. i dont understand whats wrong with it. its been close to 9 months since i did my last relaxer and i believe 3 or 4 months since i last blow dried and flat ironed my hair. i only have about 2 inches of new growth. i really expected to have alot more by now. my hair is alot healthier now and it seems alot thicker but i am so fed up with it. no one that i know personally really understands how annoying it is to have to deal with half relaxed and half natural hair. i would like to do the bc but i am terrified ofr going to a stylist that will butcher my hair because its happened before. i cannot do any "transition" styles that involve braiding or twiating because my scalp is extremely sensitive...i really dont want to call it quits but i am at that point.......