Introducing myself :)

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Hi everyone! My hair has never been chemically altered but I've been flat ironing it from the time I was 13 until my 20th birthday this year. I'll be honest, I really didn't like to wear my hair curly, hated it even. I couldn't manage it all but that's just because I didn't know how to care for it.

It's pretty dense but the individual strands are pretty fine and are weighed down easily, frizz a lot and I never seem to get the bounce and spring that other curlies do :( but I'm still trying to find my 'perfect' regimen.

This site has really helped me a lot in learning how to care for my hair!! It's one of the best I've come across! A great big thank you to everyone who contributes:thumbright:

Since I've been paying attention to the advice here my hair has been thanking me and I'm forever grateful :)
[PHP][/PHP]High porosity. 3C.
Poos: NG Hemp Shampoo.
Condish: Alba Botanica Gardenia Hydrating Condish. Mill Creek Keratin. Aussie Moist.
Leave in: Alba Botanica Leave In. Tresemme Naturals. Cantu.
Seal: Whipped Shea Butter Mix.
Styling: GF Pure Clean. EcoStyler Protein.
Hair loves: Finger combing. Protein.
Hair hates: Plopping.


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    :hello2:Hello TropicalCurly and welcome!

    Lovely to hear that you are embracing your natural hair. As you are already finding, this site can give you lots of tips and advice on caring for your curls.

    Best wishes.
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    Curl type : Boticelli, 3a, loose curls
    Porosity : High
    Texture : Fine/medium (I think!)
    Co-wash/rinse out/leave in : L'oreal Full Restore 5, GFR&S, Schwarzkopf Bio Pomegranite
    Gels : Umberto Giannini Flirty Curls Scrunching Jelly
    Finish product : Boots Naked Style Frizz Fighter Serum or a pea-sized blob of condish smoothed over canopy
    CG since Feb 2011
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    Welcome TC!
    <3 Our love is like the wind; I can't see it. But I can feel it. <3

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