Scared of being natural

SyreesthSyreesth Posts: 1Registered Users
I have always straightened my hair. I used to live in Texas where it's dry so my hair curling back up was no problem. I recently moved to South Carolina where it's disgustingly humid. So, I decided to get rid of the straightener till winter. Well, Im having a problem accepting my hair. I have my hair cut in that "scene" way cause i straightened it alot. Now, I have annalynne mccord hair. Which looks fantastic on her but on me. Im not seeing it. Any other girls who recently went natural would like to share?


  • bbunnycurliesbbunnycurlies Posts: 40Registered Users
    I went natural after trying to make my hair straight without a straightener. A few tips for getting started.

    -get a hair cut to fit your curly hair
    -start using a product that moistures and helps damaged hair
    - start embracing the curliness ( I know it's hard but curly hair is unique and beautiful)
    - maybe go on the Curly Girl Method

    If you have any More questions just let me know :)