strong hold gel???

FlashingLightsFlashingLights Posts: 10Registered Users
I've tried so many gels and cant seem to find one that still has hold and frizz control after i scrunch out the crunch any suggestions??? I've used kccc,la bella,la looks,tigi,ecostyler,biotera, and curly hair solutions. Thanks


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    Don't fret, I have too. Since becoming CG or at least mod CG, I have become a curl junkie. I have 3b/corkecelli baby fine hair, and as of recent, I have stuck with Tresemme Naturals condish and just LA looks sport. Today I added a drop of Ion curl cream to the crown when is was almost dry.. Hope this helps a bit....
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    The gel that works best for me in terms of hold is Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee. Nothing else I've tried comes even close.
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    The best one for me so far is DevaCare Arc Angel, and on my hair it's very different from anything else I've tried. It dries like a gel, rather than hard plastic (if that makes sense) so it doesn't crunch. I've decided that gel alone rarely works for me, though, so when that frizz breaks through I use curl refresher sprays. Curl refresher sprays can help soften the crunch with other gels, as well.

    Curl Friends Control Gel works well, but it doesn't have as much hold as Arc Angel for me.
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    Hi, have you all tried Kiss My Face Upper Management Gel? It is an all natural gel and can be found on for cheap! I love this gel and it does control the frizz on my 3C hair. Hope this helps!
  • FlashingLightsFlashingLights Posts: 10Registered Users
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    Have you tried AG Hard Gel? It is the only gel that I will use. I use Elucence Moisture Benefits and Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker as leave ins and Curl Keeper to control the frizz.

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