The Naked Assuage Thermal Smoothing System

SarabiSarabi Registered Users Posts: 3
So, yesterday, my stylist used this system on my hair. I am a swimmer, and I desperately needed help w/ puffiness control. My hair is very straight, & supposedly, I can transition easily between a curly look & flat-ironing w/ their curl definer.

Anyone ever used this system?


  • Bianca1Bianca1 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Hi, my beautician is trying to get me to let her put the Naked Thermal system on my 13 year olds hair. Do anyone know anything about this system? I went to the website and found nothing but, shampoos and conditioners. Is this all the product is? If so, I'm trying to figure out why is she charging $200 for this. Do anyone know of the website that explains exactly what the system is?
  • tootiefruitietootiefruitie Registered Users Posts: 1
    I got the Assuage, Smoothing System yesterday. I had never heard of the system before yesterday. I am an adventurer. My beautician did demonstrate on my head, after applying the system, how it would look if I apply curl activator. It did look curly even without actually applying the activator. Then she blew dried my hair, flat ironed it, and sent me on my happy way.
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    The Assuage system is a protien treatment that help straighten the without chemicals. most stylist or chargeing 95 dollars for the first four inches after that the price goes up. If your daughter sweats alot and likes to wear her hair straight then it is an excellent product for her. Good luck to you
  • lili12345lili12345 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Been getting assuage since early 2012. Every few months or so depending. If you wear your hair straight like I did while I was transitioning then you will get it more often in summer. Why, because you'll see the difference when humidity or water comes in contact with your hair. The untreated hair will puff up and not hold it's style. The treated hair can endure a lot of humidity. I must say that this is NOT a straightening system. It definitely makes your hair smoother. In my case it made my curl pattern softer and much more defined but by no means straight. Now that I am completely natural I still get the treatment (not as often) but I like what it does to my curls and if I decide to wear it straight I have the confidence of knowing that my style will hold up in humid weather.
  • lili12345lili12345 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Just wanted to add that I've been seeing "Do it yourself" - at home kits - that provide this same type of treatment. I still choose to have my stylist do it for me, however I suggest that if you decide to try this at a small section in an inconspicuous spot to see how your hair reacts first before you do your entire head.
  • RaramamaRaramama Registered Users Posts: 1
    My girl just came to visit me from Chicago and her 4c hair was looking amazing and it stayed straight in the rain. I have to get this treatment this week. Does anyone know a stylist in the DC area that does it well. I am having a birthday party for my husband on Saturday and I have to get this done.


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