Wet Set vs Dry Set

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OK... so I keep on having epic failures with my wet sets...Im doing even MORE research... and Ive never used gel which might be my issue.. these watery setting lotions just are NOT cutting it which is frustrating.. there are uneven spots in my hair which also add to the issue (back is regular, front grows really fast and my edges are going slow motion for me:evil1:)

so im like. I just went through all this work... again... what if I just put the rollers back in, sat back under the dryer and see if I get fluffier curls instead of this crap I have now.. Im also try ing to experiment with different rollers and its ridiculous how many I have... the satin rollers did good.. regular foam = epic failure, the flexi rods were ok but the hair didnt lay good....so yeah

anyone experimented with dry sets care to give a sista some insight?
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