jessicurl prod help!

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Short to point. I LOVED these prods when I first got radiant collection. Soft. Bouncy. My hair is like Jess.
NOW stringy every time! Yes I add prod wet. Yes I use micro. I even always let hair dry naturally. THE love is gone and I want it back?

Anyone. I thought I had found paradise. Now I'm back to thinking about this hair 24/7. I will. My good and bad pics are on jessicurl Facebook around late oct. Lynette Barry..

Ps. There is no such thing as 2nd day hair either

MY curly friends! I need ya


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    What Jessicurl products do you use specifically? The only two things I can think of are that 1) maybe the products are too rich and heavy for your hair or 2) maybe the magnesium sulfate in them is making your hair stringy and/or dry. Forgive me if you have this in your siggie (I'm on my iPod and can't see anyone's siggie ;)), but what are your hair properties? If your hair is fine or easily weighed down or doesn't like rich products, you might need lighter stylers. I've heard Jessicurl is very moisturizing and heavy. Also, you are CG, right? If so, have you clarified in a while? You could have a little buildup that needs to be taken care of. :) HTH!
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    @wavynwild16 is right that we need more info to be able to help. is your hair stringy and producty or stringy and greasy? would you post pics to give us a better idea? some people react negatively to the magnesium sulfate. but others love jessicurl.

    clarifying could help, or depending on your hair props, you might need a PT followed by a DT (i've read here to always DT after a PT).

    or what about a good old fashioned ACV? i just did one today between co-washing and applying conditioner.

    i personally haven't been using confident coils for long enough to see if it is losing its effectiveness over time (only two applications so far because i'm actually testing out the shea moisture coconut & hibiscus curl enhancing creme after my LI over a two-wk period to see if i like it or not - so far so good).
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    Tomorrow I will post before and after. Typed all this and couldn't do it from my iPad

    I have thick dry side hair

    I use the cleansing cream. Rinse. Too Shea for a bit then rinse upside down. Puddle of rocking ringlets with a dime of confident coils and a dab of the oil blend. Squeeze with my hand the scrunch with micro fiber towel. Flip hair up and either air dry which seems better or diffuse upside down but wow the frizz.

    What gets me is I tried more prod and then less. Same result. I'm sure you will be amazed when I get those pics up. night and day. I have 3C. I thought about clarifying but I used this two days and it was heaven. Then. Well you know. I also only wash every two to three days.

    Thank you so much for any help. Stay tune for the pics
  • Netters272Netters272 Registered Users Posts: 40 Curl Neophyte
    Here is about the third time I used products. It was SOFT and bouncy.
    FROM then on it looks like other pic...I hope you can see it..
  • CAT301CAT301 Registered Users Posts: 40
    Have you tried ditching the oil? I'd be stringy with oil and I have very thick hair.

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    I think I will try that next wash... then actually try to use less prod. I guess my frustration is that the beautiful pic is done with oil and same prod amounts (as much as i could get exact) as the stringy one...

    Guess by this website im not the only one over MY hair problems... grin
    I just want to stop thinking and having MY hair being one of the stresses in my life.

    I was thinking of keeping to the jessicurl cleanser and conditioner (maybe even the Rocking Ringlets) and adding Davines Frizz to combat the friz problem it seems I get no matter WHAT products I use
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    It could be the magnesium in the products...Some people can't tolerate too much of it...I would clarify and then do a deep treatment and style with another product to see if it gets better...You may be able to rotate those products into your routine but just not be able to use them every day.
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    Looks like classic case of too much of a good thing and build up. Your moisture needs changed from when you took that picture to now. Probably weather related, try ditching the oil after a good shampoo, my hair did the same thing with JC the love didn't last. I alternate products so I don't OD on one thing.
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    I use a lot of really rich products, but I couldn't use the Jessicurl. It made my hair limp and lifeless in a week.

    Many of us rotate products because our hair satiates. I wet and style every day, but seldom use any one product more then twice a week (if that.) I suggest that you switch off and only use the Jessicurl on occasion and see how that works for you. If it doesn't, maybe it's just not for your hair.
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    Switching products might be my ticket.
    I just hope to find something as "natural" as jessie's. Here products left my colored hair just as colored as when I got out of the chair.. grin.. THAT was a big plus

    Looking into Davines... Even tressemme... atleast the styling prods.

    I want to find a cleansing creme like Jessies since I hate spending all that money on my color only to watch it vanish in the drain

    OOO and ps to all who responded.. YOUR hair looks lovely!!
  • kathymackkathymack Registered Users Posts: 9,999 Curl Neophyte
    My hair likes the more natural products for the online, boutique type companies like Jessicurl. Some lines you may want to look into are Curl Junkie, Spiral Solutions, Donna Marie, Marie Dean Kinky Curly and Komaza to name a few.

    Curl Junkie makes a cleansing conditioner called Daily Fix. It may be just what you're looking for in a cleanser.
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    Have you done any protein treatments? Jessicurl products are protein free.

    I used Jessicurl exclusively for a while and finally gave it up. Her conditioner are amazing- very emollient. Great for DTs.
    I now make my own flaxseed gel (similar to rockin ringlets) and love it
  • Netters272Netters272 Registered Users Posts: 40 Curl Neophyte
    I had no idea that taking care of my hair would be such a chore?

    Protein and detox and cleansing.. laugh..
    I have not dont a protein treatment but ditched the oil this morning and had better results... MORE fluffy and soft rather than stringy...
    Thought about actually adding MORE of the confident curls for better friz control but atleast it as 50% better

    Am giving it just a few more tries than will try maybe the kinky curl line- daily fix... Knot Today for the conditioner and then finishing with kinky curl custard?
    Thinking I need a frizz control too... just a bit....The dryer and diffuser I bought is STELLAR... Revlon..
    Will give the Item number if someone is looking... IT was amazing

    I was also thinking of the curl junkie line but I am overwhelmed at all the choices and with a limited budget I dont know where to start...

    XO my curly friends... will keep you updated or if someone had another suggestion

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