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Has anyone else found that only certain areas like Natural hair? For example I currently live in the DMV area and at least every third person has natural hair. So I feel like people don't really have much to say negative about my hair and if they do I ignore them. But when I go see my family in Cleveland I'm like the only one who's natural and wears their hair curly. Everywhere I go someone has something to say or wants to talk about how I can be straight and natural. Something I don't want. Its very draining especially since I love my hair. I was just wondering if anyone else goes through this when they travel. *sorry for rambling*

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    Im actually in the DMV area as well and your right.. not only is every other person natural it seems like the numbers are growing.. but take heart because Ive noticed certain areas are pro-natural.. the wave is spreading and natural is popping up everywhere and with a very healthy gustoLOL...

    ..But when I go visit family in jersey.. I can def tell they are too polite to say anything but that my hair definitely isnt fashionable... so I can relate... lol Im just giving it time... sometimes all it takes is to see someone close to you doing their thang and then everyone wants to hop on board..
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