Lost! I am about to shave all my hair.

Coco2PrissyCoco2Prissy Registered Users Posts: 28
Okay guys I asked before if it looks like I have heat damage, because my hair curls way more the mid-back of my hair.It doesn't look right and I about to start all over and shave my head (amber rose), because trimming the whole front of my hair will make all my hair look uneven. I am 5 months natural and have never wore it out, so as soon as I got the nerve, I noticed how weird it looked. I have in a quickweave now,and if you want to see pics,I will more than glad to show you. While I am venting I might as well say it all, my hair is too thick and it takes me a good minute to detangle, and trust me its thick. I need advice and help, so fustrated.


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    If you've never worn your hair out why do you think it's heat damage. I wouldn't think you'd straighten hair that was hidden under a wig/weave. Also people can natually have more than one curl pattern on their heads. Most do. If that's the case, if you cut your hair and it would grow back the same way. I'm mostly 4a/3c but I have some straight, wavy and loose curls randomnly thrown in there. It looks weird but twist outs help and so does finger curling.
    Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:
  • Coco2PrissyCoco2Prissy Registered Users Posts: 28
    I did wear my hair out, when I was relaxed and transitioning. I used heat on my new growth pretty badly hair, and I wear a weave because it looks off to me. So I do know that previous abuse could have effected my natural hair.
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    Could you post some pics?

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