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I was told that getting a hair steamer would be beneficial to achieving healthier hair. However, I can't afford to purchase a hair steamer at the moment, and I was wondering if there is an alternative that works just as good? What I have been doing is sitting under a regular hair dryer with a plastic cap on when I deep condition my hair, Is that method not ok:confused:


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    Hm, I have never heard of using a steamer! I know some people wrap their hair in a warm towel after applying oil and leave it on until they're ready to wash it out. Perhaps this would give the same effect.
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    I'm curious about hair steamers. I'd never heard of them up until a few days ago. I'm guessing they put moisture in the hair but not sure if there are different settings for heat and so forth. I would be afraid of frizz, although I don't know exactly how they work. Something to look into I guess.

    I'm new too, btw!!
  • KidKurlyKidKurly Posts: 10Registered Users
    I've used one at the salon before. It pumps out steam, kind of like an iron does and it supposed to put the moisture back into your hair. It seems that sitting under the hair dryer with a plastic cap on would have the same effect on your hair by trapping in the moisture. Idk.. I guess in a month or 2 I'll buy the steamer and do a review on it. Thanks ladies 8)

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