Curly hair help

Hey there,
I am new to this and hope I find some help. Before I had my little girl I had Ringlet curls all over my head and loved it. Now after I had her my hair is wavy, with no ringlets. My hair dresser told me that my hormones could have changed this. I desperately need help. I have tried gels, creams and mousse. I use a diffuser. Recently I just had 14 inches cut off and it is very short. I had a very short haircut like this before she was born and it was great, now I am just sad and can't get my hair to look right. I am just lost.


  • astrocutiepieastrocutiepie Registered Users Posts: 3
    Try changing pH levels for your hair? I think the pH that makes hair curl up is between 4 and 5. Kimmaytube on youtube has great tutorials on pH and curly hair, so I suggest you watch those before taking your hair on a pH rollercoaster. Sorry about your hair though, hope you find a solution soon!

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