How to get curls back after a bad straightening treatment?

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Well hello! I haven't been on here in quite some time but I'm back and with questions! I have/had beautiful 3a curls since about 6th or 7th grade. I've always had a love/hate relationship with my curls but when they actually did what I wanted them to do they weren't really half bad! Well someone convinced me to get my hair chemically straightened for graduation in June 2011 so I did thinking it would be something different and I had always wanted straight hair. It was great for the first 3 days but as soon as I jumped in the shower the curls sort of came back except they were more waves now. I tried blow drying and flat ironing my hair straight but my hair just wasn't having any of it and I can't see spending two hours on my hair in the morning so I just decided to say the heck with it and let my hair be curly/wavy. I was also in the process of growing out a very short haircut (I had gotten it cut to wear it was practically at my cheekbones when curly). Now my hair is just at shoulder length when curly and am trying to grow it out to BSL. A few weeks ago my scalp issues started acting up again (extreme itchiness, flaking, ect) It was also very red and sore around the hairline so I went to get it checked out and as it turns out I have psoriasis. So along with a change in products and some medicated lotion stuff that has almost completely cleared up. As far as the change in products I use to use lots of harsh shampoos and conditioners and now I use Natures Gate Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner and Shea Moisture Curl Souffle. All the products seem to work great so far my hair feels soft unlike before it always use to feel like straw. It also doesn't seem to be as frizzy. Although I think I need to find some sort of natural deep treatment mask because I feel like my hair needs more moisture. Anyways I started the new hair routine and my hair feels and looks nice but my curls just aren't there anymore there more waves with some pieces trying to be curls. What can I do to get my hair back to the curl pattern it was before?
Wisconsin Curly
Shoulder Length 3a hair
Last cut in Dec of 2011
My hair is allergic to sissors!

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