seb. dermatitis on my nose

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I have been trying the Deva Curl products for the last 2 months and going no poo the whole time. I haven't noticed alot of improvement in my hair. It does
get oily within a day or two and have noticed more oil on my face.
About a month ago 2 red spots have appeared on the bridge of my nose. It looks just like if a person was wearing sunglasses that were a little too tight on the nose and left a red impression behind. My doc. says that it is seb. dermatitis and has given me some anti-fungus stuff to put on it twice a day. But so far not much change. Some days it is really red, and other days it seems to fade alot. Not sure why.
I was thinking maybe the oilyness of my hair and face has caused this and have started to use real shampoo on me around 2x a week to see if it will help clear this up. Still also using the deva stuff too though.
Any thoughts on this. Has anyone else had this problem while trying to go no poo.
2b or 2c, Fine, Thick, Low Porosity

shoulder length, flat on top, waves to curls through the bottom half with better curls underneath

Currently using- DevaCurl Lo-Poo, One Conditioner, and AnGel


  • love2bcurlylove2bcurly Registered Users Posts: 27
    countrygirl I'm still new to this myself (1 month in). I haven't had any problems yet but I admit to being skeptical before trying the no poo method. I read that conditioners have mild surfactants in them and were enough to clean the scalp when massaged into it. I'm sorry to hear of your experience. Now I'm concerned. Hope someone else chimes in!!!

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