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hello my fellow curlies!

so... i got a little lazy and started using shampoos that i probably shouldn't have been using on my hair. the summer sort of kicked me way out of shape. thing is, i never really do my hair in the summer because there's not really that many people i want to impress-mostly because i'm with my family 24/7 during the warmer months. so here's what happened. when school started back up again, i started getting back into my hair habits and actually put some effort back into doing my hair, and guess what happened? well... the shampoos that i was using started making my scalp break out. i've always had issues with acne, but it's always either been on my face, my chest or my shoulders, NOT my scalp. so you can see why i totally freaked out? i was stupidly using dove shampoo, stuff like that. my issues with acne can be sited back to the sixth grade, where i was immediately put on these pills to make it stop (which it did for a while, but then came back continuously). it got to the point where in my junior year of high school, my dermatologist told me that i'd need to go on accutane, and... well, that was the last straw. i pretty much threw away every single product she'd ever given me and called it quits. i ended up finding something that worked for me, and my skin has been really, really beautiful ever since then. i'm a freshman in college now.

anyway, i kind of freaked out when i started getting breakouts on my back, my chest, and my face again. and not only that, my scalp too. it HURT. it got to the point where one half of the back of my head was completely broken out, cut up, and i'm pretty sure i lost some hair from it too. it was a complete nightmare. it hit me when i was in the shower reaching for the dove that it was probably the shampoo i was using, so i reached instead for an all natural shampoo that my mom bought and washed my hair with that, and conditioned my hair with it's partner. two days later, my scalp was COMPLETELY cleared up. i'm not even joking you guys. it was like some magical fairy came down and cured me of my shampoo-induced plague or something. i did a little bit of poking around online and read that burt's bees shampoo usually cured the reaction. naturally, i did a little bit of testing with herbal essences to see if that would cause me as much pain and suffering as the dove did. it did, but it wasn't as bad as the dove had been. i then asked my mom to purchase the burt's bees for me.

i've been using that for the past three weeks now, and i haven't had so much as a tiny bump on my head. what i'm wondering is: does anyone know why the other shampoos made me have such a bad reaction? has anyone experienced anything like this before? i'm really scared to try new shampoos because it REALLY hurt my head, and i don't want that to happen again... does anyone have any suggestions? oh-i have curl type 3a hair obviously, and they have a lot of potential but this burt's bees making my curls a bit floppy.

thank you guys for your help!

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