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I'm new to transitioning... I started at the end of August so its been about 2 months but I have at least 1 inch of new growth in some areas about 1 q/2 to about 2 inches. My hair grows rapidly and is very thick 4a to 4b maybe 3c in some areas. Yesterday was the first time I tried cowashing by myself and it was a disaster. I could not detangle my hair to save my life. Products I used were Aussie moist ( which alot of you curlies recommended and Shea Moister conditioner. My hair is now matted and a comb can't get through! At all! I followed all the rules in all the tutorials and videos I watched and It just turned into a disaster. I know everyone says with the transitioning and dealing with the two textures there will be alot of ups and downs but I really cried yesterday, really hard. I'm so embarrassed! I slept with my hair wet till the next morning (today) because I was scared that I would rip my hair out if I kept trying to detangle and this morning it is now damp but unfortunately I still can't pass a comb thru so i gathered what I could together in a slick bun and went to work. Is there even hope for me. I don't want to give up and I'd like to try to transition without heat since it is so damaging at times. However, this journey so far, esp after this, has me down out...

Someone please please help!


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    Hello BeYOUtifulme! While my hair and issues are very different than yours, I can tell that we've all had bad days and at times felt desperate. Many curlies only detangle in the shower with tons of conditioner in their hair. I can't use a comb on my hair once I'm out of the shower or frizz will start to set in. I also sleep with a satin pillowcase with my hair pineappled so prevent tangling and matting in bed. Sometimes I add a satin night cap for extra protection.

    Hang in there! Keep reading - there's tons of good info in these pages. Be patient. You'll find your routine!
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    Welcome, beyoutiful! We're glad you've joined us. mhen is right.... just keep reading and asking questions and you'll get there! :)

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    You are beautiful!
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    I've been transitioning too, I started in july. I have a combo of thick and medium strands that are densely packed. My hair so far has a few different textures going on along with the relaxed ends and it grows fast. At first, I was overwhelmed with all of the different textures playing around on my head and was absolutely against my flat iron (ol mr. cracklepop hasn't been used in ages) so I braided my hair as a protective style. Maybe to make things easier, you could use a long term protective style while your hair grows.

    When trying cowashing I hear ladies use tons of conditioner and a big tooth comb or their fingers to detangle. And many suggest to never -and I repeat never ever- comb dry or damp hair. When detangling, I work in sections, I part my hair into about 4 sections, could be more but I'm lazy, and I loosely twist each section. Then I only unravel and generously add conditioner to one section at a time. Within that one big section I make smaller sections to work on. After detangling a section I twist it back up and continue until I'm done then I rinse my hair while it's all still twisted.

    I think you should definitely try again, transitioning is all about experimenting and finding out what works best for you and your hair.
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    Thank you guys so much. Thanx mhen & Gretchen for your advice and warm welcome. ThickHairedQT, I guess we're still babies in this journey but I will most certainly use the advice you've given me and apply it throught this endeavor (I can tell you've already grown so much in your journey). You all were the first curlies to embrace and shower me with useful advice and info. I'm def. gonna give it another try. Im just really afraid of pulling out all my hair. Detangling is very difficult!! I tried co-washing twice so far and no real luck yet...but I'm optimistic and determined. It honestly it is a learning curve. I appreciate your comments & I really feel like this site is a great support system. I plan to get senegalese twist on friday since my hair has been looking crazy since my first attempt at co-washing. This will give my hair time to grow in a protective style as I continue to learn throughout this site and other resources. Thanks again and wish me luck. My journey shall continue...

    Stay BeYoutiful...

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    Transitioning is always a difficult journey, you just have to be patient with your hair and learn what your hair loves. As far as cowashing try a thicker, more moisturizing conditioner. I wouldn't used Aussie personally, try Suave Professionals Shea butter condish, it really good, that may work better. Please don't give up, its just the beginning, once you get past that you'll be fine. Good luck!

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    Hello guys, I am Kristin, and all new to be here with all of you.
  • BeYOUtifulBeYOUtiful Posts: 12Registered Users
    Thank you Amazinnatural for your advice. I will definitelly continue the journey but boy oh boy it is rough. I've already experienced alot of hating on my journey to natural within my home which is a major let down... Oh well... I was happy to see that you use the same products I have. Well for my first ever cowash I used the Aussie Moist condish which I feel didn't work too well... (notice I'm starting to learn the NC lingo and abbreviations, yay!) but following I used the Shea Moisture Deep Conditioner Masque followed by the Shea Moisture Moisturizing Conditioner. Neither product helped with detangling... I could not even pass a comb through my hair... Not even under running water... Was I using these products wrong??

    Welcome Kristin264! As you can see I'm new to this as well... How long have you all been transitioning?

    I've since done Senegalese twist on Friday as a protective style which I'm not too fond of. It's tight, the hair texture is hard, and uncomfortable to sleep in. I felt like the ladies were pulling my hair out in some areas as the were twisting my hair. ( that was my first time; I've never had braids or a weave before) i may take it all out in the next couple days if sympthoms persist even though i would have waisted a lot of cash... but any way are there any protective styles you all can suggest that can assist me in transitioning?

    Stay BeYoutiful

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    I know your frustration with cowashing and first time braids. I rocked my first braids a year ago and it was not fun. A lot of pulling on my tresses and I am not tender headed. I vowed never to get my hair braided again. I fortunately got through my first 6 months of transitioning with the flat iron (which I regret) and those darn braids. Then I cut four inches of relaxed ends and let go of the heat. Now I live by shea moisture products (great for a 4b IMO). I used mizani h20 intense treatment creme nightly and neutrogena triple moisture deep recovery mask weekly. Now i'm a healthy natural looking to get 4 more inches of growth in 2012. Its a different struggle for those of us who don't bc. In hindsight I should have bc'd but I learned a lot in the last 15 months of transitioning. Good luck, keep trying, don't let others discourage you. Listen to others who have transitioned and listen to your hair.

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