HELP! I fried my hair!

So I made a huge mistake. I had a huge benefit dinner to go to and wanted to try something new. I straightened my 3c curls, which I have done before. But I also curled the straight hair into big curls. Pieces of my hair turned crispy and fell out after I finished. It has been 5 days since the benefit dinner and my hair smells terrible still and is awkwardly straight/wavy.:sad1: Help! I miss my curls! Anybody know of home remedies or products that can repair my hair? I would appreciate it very much!!!


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    First off, did you use heat protectant?

    And second, you can try deep conditioning you hair, or giving your hair a hot oil treatment to bring moisture back to your hair.
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    I feel like your hair just shouldn't be that damaged after straightening/curling once. I straightened my hair every day for years and didn't follow any kind of healthy method with it, and yet it still managed to survive... I think you just may be panicking :) Do a few rounds of deep conditioning, and, as long as your hair isn't coarse I would try a protein treatment (followed up by deep conditioning).
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    How exactly did you straighten your hair? Back when I used to staighten mine, I'd blow dry it and then either use a flat iron or hot rollers, but my hair never fell out nor smelled, so I'm another person wondering what you could have done that one time that would have resulted in that much damage.

    Anyway, I agree that you should do a good moisturizing DT and see if there's any improvement. And a protein treatment might be good, too, (followed up, of course, with a good moistirizing DT). Btw, here's a quick read on different proteins which may help guide which one you want to use for you hair at this point: The Best Protein for Hair
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    I did not use a heat protectant.
    Well, I just straightened it with the flat iron and curled it with a curling iron. I did a egg/olive oil/yogurt/honey treatment and that gave it some moisture but not a whole lot. Then I bought Dove Intensive Repair conditioner and that helped more. My hair is healthy looking and feeling now, doesn't smell too bad, but it's just as straight as it was before the treatments.
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    Did you have oil in your hair when you straightened it? That can do bad things sometimes, I've heard. Did you curl it with wet hairspray on it? I'm surprised one straightening would cause such an issue!

    I'd continue with PT's and DT's, and just keep encouraging the curl. I'm sure it'll come back!

    You might go see a good curly stylist, as well!

    Good luck!!
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