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Hello everyone. Hope all is well!! So I am trying to prepare my hair for the fall and winter, and I am a bit frustrated. My hair is extremely dry regardless of what I try, and protective styling seems to turn my hair into a matted mess. I do not like to put a lot of products in my hair but if I don't then my hair is dry as well as extremely tangled. My hair does not retain moisture for more than a 1/2 day to one day. I have used conditioners, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, curls products, oyin, qhemet biologics etc and nothing seems to help. In the summer gel works for about 2 days, but I end up with hard hair for the most part. Sometimes with sealing the gel is not as hard but I cant use gel in the fall and winter. When I put my hair in a bun it tagles and mats and my hair will not stay up in twists for more than 2 days. I am beginning to feel like I am along with this type of struggle. Any suggestion. Thanks in advance for your time!!!


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    I am so sorry you are having such a hard time.

    You issues sound very complex.

    1. Washing- how and with what do you wash your hair and how often? I assume the products you listed were being used as stylers - you didn't specify on washing

    In the past whenever I would use a strong sulfate shampoo it would result in lots of tangling and matting. Same thing with conditioners that have harsh alcohols. If there are harsh drying ingredients it - it can lead to tangling and matting.

    2. It is possible that your hair is overmoisturized. You seem to be using a lot of product very often. Overmoisturized hair can leave some hair mushy or it can make it dry and hard to absorb additional moisture.

    3. I have never used Oyin, but it may be possible that you are reacting to the glycerine. In certain conditions glycerine can leach moisture from the hair and make it drier.

    4. I would suggest that you use a different method of protective styling instead of a bun until you can figure out what causes the matting. I am assuming that the hair is matting under the crown and other areas Consider protective styles that divide the hair into smaller sections such as twists, braids, plaits, bantu knots etc..

    5. How are you detangling? What are you using both tools and product? Consider alternate products with slip/muciliage - this may help reduce the matting.

    6. How are you layering products? Some products don't work well together or work well with oils.

    This is just a start to get you thinking...
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    Hello Pretty Curls. Thank you very much for your response.

    1. I wash/co-wash once a week with a conditioner or a shampoo that does not contain sulfates. I alternate between curlicious curls cleansing cream and Hello Hydration. I like Wen but use sparingly due to cost.

    2. I have thought about overmoisturization and at times I just wash condition and use coconut oil or jojoba oil. This often leads to tangles and knots.

    3. I think you are correct about glycerine and this is why gels and other products ultimately dry my hair out in the fall and winter. I am going to pay more attention to ingredients.

    4. Great protective styling idea. I am gonna braid my hair in medium braids and then style in an updo. Hopefully this method will reduce matting.

    5. I have to detangle in the shower with tons of conditioner and a wide tooth comb. My hair is about an inch below my bra strap, and it tangles badly at the root. I have a great amount of shrinkage because when it dries my hair is shoulder length and this is why I think it tangles so badly. One trick in the past that has helped is leaving hello hydration in my hair. When I wash or cowash the next week it is easier to detangle, but I do not like leaving conditioner in my hair all the time because the cones build up and dry my hair out also. The slipage is great in a lot of condtioners but I have not found great slipage in stylers.

    6. As far as layering I usually use a leave in like Giovanni and follow with styler and sometimes seal with oil.

    Thank you again for your response.
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    PrettyCurls brought up a lot of good questions.

    Is it possible that you have hard water?

    Coconut oil can make the hair feel hard or dry sometimes, especially when the weather gets colder. I am not familiar with jojoba oil but have you considered a butter or heavier oil like castor oil to seal with?

    In addition to glycerine being a potential issue with gel, a lot of gels (especially cheaper ones) have protein in them which can be an issue.

    Have you ever tried Tresemme Naturals? It has very nice slip and no cones. You could leave it in your hair without worrying about a buildup issue. I used to use Hello Hydration but after the formula changed, my hair stopped reacting well to it.

    I don't know what else I can add but I hope you get your problem resolved!
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    One thought is that your products may not be moisturizing enough. Or you may need to to a pre-treatment with oil.

    Here are a couple pre-treatments that I've used to soften, strengthen and detangle my hair prior to cowashing/shampooing/low-pooing:

    1. Bananas/hempseed oil-You can substitute an avocado for the banana. Puree pure bananas in a blender, then strain. Pour mixture in a bowl. Pour in half a cup of hempseed oil. Mix thoroughly. Place on hair followed by a disposal shower cap. Let it stay on for 45 minutes. Low poo with tepid to cool water. Results: soft, stronger, less tangled hair.

    2. Hot oil treatment: Castor oil mixed with 2-3 other oils. Heat the oils (but not too hot). Place on hair followed with a disposable shower cap. Wrap with a towel, and keep on for 30-45. Cowash with tepid to cool water. Results: same as above.

    I hope these work for you. Keep us updated!
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    No problem.

    Foxy Cleopatra mentioned hard water - which may also be a problem.

    Greatcurls gave you a good suggestion for switching conditioners.

    If I were you I would stop everything and rebuild my regime from scratch. Lay off the cones, glycerine everything.

    Note: I have used curls in the past and I noticed that it did not play well with other products. Also to add to what one of the other ladies said - Giovanni has protein in it too. So you may be getting more protein from Giovanni and the gels and it could be protien overload as well.

    1. Look at the hard water tables online to see if your area has hard water. If so you may need to use a shower filter.

    2. Clarify your hair to get all buildup out of it.

    3. Porosity may be an issue for you so after you clarify do one of the porosity tests to find out whether or not you hair may naturally be more resistant to absorbing water/product.

    3. Use a basic cheapie cone-glycerine free conditioner to condition your hair, detangle and as your leave in. Greatcurls suggested on Suave and VO5 are others.

    4. Use a basic oil like castor was a good suggestion to seal.

    Then it will be trial and error from this point on. You don't want to inflict more damage and my concern is breakage bc I am sure the matts take your hair out.
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    Maybe I missed it but I didn't see a dc after your shampoo. I found out the hard way if shampoo touches my hair, a dc has to come right behind it or my moisture is thrown off. And I agree the prepoo reduces tangles. For me the best is EVOO with a plastic cap and a few minutes under a hooded dryer.

    Also cones build up and dry out my hair too. I stopped using them all together.
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    Ladies you are all great. Like Pretty Curls suggested I am going to clarify this weekend and just start over. Foxy I think you hit the nail on the head as far as hard water, I checked the water tables as suggested by Pretty Curls. Tennessee has moderately hard water and I use a filtered shower head which is in need of a filter replacement. So I am going to try the banana/hempseed puree/or hot oil pre-poo as suggested by Great Curls. A few weeks ago Dr. Oz stated that pureed bananas are great for the hair, and I am sure the hempseed oil will also be a great benefit. I am going to use a cheap cone/glycerin free conditioner (I have Tresemme Naturals and VO5 in the closet) and lay off of Hello Hydration. Ad Thomas you are correct because I did not mention a deep conditioner and this is something I have not done in a while. I am going to deep condition on a regular basis!!! Also I will try castor oil to seal!! So in a nutshell everyone is suggesting a routine, and all of you have given me a great start. Thanks again!!!
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    adthomas wrote: »
    Maybe I missed it but I didn't see a dc after your shampoo. I found out the hard way if shampoo touches my hair, a dc has to come right behind it or my moisture is thrown off. And I agree the prepoo reduces tangles. For me the best is EVOO with a plastic cap and a few minutes under a hooded dryer.

    Also cones build up and dry out my hair too. I stopped using them all together.


    also, I wanna suggest banana baby food w the hemp seed oil, its already pureed and dirt cheap.
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