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Hi guys right now I have a little longer than shoulder legnth hair and I am ready to go natural its only been a month since my last relaxer. My question is I'm going to get my hair cut cuz its damaged should I cut it into a cute bob, or a really short like Halls Berry do?
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    Hi there! You might want to post a pic so we can see what your hair looks like!

    Welcome to, btw.

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    You are beautiful!
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    i think it would be cute to get a halle berry cut.
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    You have a few things to consider:

    1. Is your hair damaged to the point where you can cut your hair into a healthy bob length cut or is it damaged to the point where a really short pixie cut (doing a BC) is the only way to get rid of the damaged hair?

    2. Are you prepared to take care of short hair?

    3. Are you prepared to take care of multiple hair textures as you let your hair grow out?

    Looking at your photo, I think you can rock either style without a problem. Its more a case of what kind of commitment are you ready to make at this time. Since you just recently got a touch-up, I would suggest that you give your hair some time to grow out so you can get a good idea of the texture of your new/natural growth first and then revisit your decision. If the textures are so different that they pose challenges to the amount of care/attention required to maintain both, then you might decide to do the BC and get a pixie cut. If you find the textures aren't so different that a longer term transition won't be too much of a challenge, they you might decide to ride it out and do a longer transition.

    In the meantime, you should definitely address the issue of damage with your hair by getting a good trim and getting (if you have a stylist) or doing protein and/or DC treatments to help improve the current state of your hair. Relaxed or natural, you definitely want your hair to be the healthiest it can be.
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