Fav Sallys Products

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:love3: I loveeeee sallys and wanted to see if anyone loved sallys as much as I do. Whats your fav' sallys product/s? Why do you love it sooooo much?

I will start.

Gvp condish cream. I can use it as a rinse out and a moisturizing leave in ,when mixed w/ coco (coconut) oil.

Mixed Silk deep condish: It moisturizes my hair REALLY well and great for detangling.

Gvp concentrated leave-in: use it as a protein treatment. Havent been using it for that long but so far so good. Has a good amount of protein and (compared to other protein treatments) I can feel a difference but it doesnt dry my hair out.

Ecostyler clear gel. It has a GREAT hold. The only thing I dont like is after 4 days or so, it starts to turn white. when that happens I usually co-wash or put some water on it (which makes it go away) and re-gel. Love it.

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