CurlieSueCurlieSue Posts: 7Registered Users
I'm still working on my most of you 3b's have layers in your hair? thanks.......


  • mhen76mhen76 Posts: 813Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Yep - long layers keep me from getting that dreaded triangle shaped head.
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  • curly kikicurly kiki Posts: 42Registered Users
    Me too, long layers now. No layers and my head turns into a triangle , short layers too many random direction curls
  • JJJungleJimJJJungleJim Posts: 60Registered Users
    I need to get the long layers too, because I'm getting the triangle head.

    Next time I see my stylist I will ask for this. My stylist is great for colouring my hair and cutting off the split ends. But she's not that knowledgeable about curly hair. Should I just ask for 'long layers' and explain why? Or is there something else I need to tell her?
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  • ChristieChristie Posts: 3Registered Users
    Im growing my hair our from super short. Now it is bob length, around chin. I have short layers growing out and I do have to say that my curls have more pop to them. When I have long or no layers, my curls get drug out and not as curly. I think im gonna grow my hair out and keep the short layers because I love my hair when it is kinky curly.

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