My hair is completely straight if I do nothing to it. What? And hairloss.

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Ok, so why is this? If I let my hair airdry (which for some reason takes like 4 hours, and my hair isn't thick), it'll end up completely straight, stuck to my head. But once I re-wet it and add curl cream and gel, and scrunch like hell, and diffuse, some curls appear. But why? Does anyone else have this?

Also, a bit of a back story, I used to have 3b curls. Total ringlets, VERY thick hair. But since last year my hair has been falling out, and most of all, straightening out!!!!! It grows in completely straight at the roots now. What the heck, why!!!!! I seriously hate it, and no one can give me any reason as to why it's growing in straight.

I think my hairloss was from being on Loestrin 24 birth control. Which sucks. But I switched that this past August, and now it's the end of October. And while I think the hairloss has slowed down, my hair isn't returning to it's curly state. So, can anyone help me, please??


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    Hi Evee,

    Aside from stuff like the wrong products (too much protein, too many humectants?) physically weighing your hair down, there could be other causes for your hair loss and for it appearing straight, from anemia to stress to hormone changes to bad eating. You should definitely check with your doctor and get blood work done to see if any of your values are out of the normal range. This can provide clues. If it is too expensive to see another doctor, your gynecologist can order blood tests and ask for a urine sample at your yearly appointment. You can ask to have your hormone levels and thyroid tested in addition to the other basic stuff like cholesterol, blood cell analysis, etc.

    I had an experience in 2005 where my hair "went straight" after a hair cut. Years later, in 2008, we discovered I had Celiac Disease (I cannot eat gluten otherwise my small intestine freaks out and I don´t absorb any nutrients, like iron). All my values on the blood test results were out of whack until I started the gluten free diet, and now they are all 100% normal. However, as a result of being anemic and generally not well nourished, my hair had thinned out a bit and lost its curl. Now it is thicker, though not like it was in high school! (I´m 30.)

    Look at this pic from June '09.
    straight hair.jpg
    I'm in Bolivia and I don't think it was a particularly dry climate, but my hair is almost straight without having been blow dried. (And I'm also chubby haha). In 2009 I had way less natural curl but I also didn't know how to bring them out, nor did I have any decent curly hair products while living in Argentina. You are in a different situation because you're already a CG. Do you get your hair cut dry but a CG expert?

    On a side note, our hair can change (like every 7 years or something someone once told me) due to normal hormone changes. It is also common for women's hair to thin out as we age. Our genetics play a role in that.

    Bottom line: definitely see your doctor and try to eat a balanced diet including omega fatty acids, and drink water throughout the day. My family had a golden retriever whom we fed fish-oil pills. I'm not sure why they originally recommended them, but they made his coat amazing: it was noticeably shinier and very healthy!

    Hope this helps.
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    Hm this does kind of help!!! I've actually had some major health issues in the past 2 years, and had to have my gallbladder removed, which did NOT go well. Basically, I've been on a starvation diet, because I simply could not eat, up until very recently. About 2 weeks ago my gastro finally gave me a pill that has helped me a great deal, and now I can eat again without dying!

    So maybe my body is severely malnutritioned, even though I took vitamins while not eating. I just hope my curls come back =/
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    Man. I was just about to draw a picture of a girl with super curly hair...and I can't even, it makes me sooooo sad. I miss my hair terribly. Sigh. :sad11:
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    What pill did your doc give u to help u eat? My mom had her gallbladder out about 10 years ago and has had horrible ibs ever since and can't eat during the day or else she is running to the bathroom. My sister has it also but she can help control hers kinda with anti diarrhea pills, it sucks to see them like that all the time and my mom not eating during the day is really hard to see

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    Oh god, I know all that pain and more. Please tell them to ask their doctors about a pill called Questran. This has literally been a life-saver. It's actually a Cholesterol-controlling pill, but works wonders for soaking up the bile that is pouring into the intestines (and causing all the pain/diarrhea/not being able to eat-ness).

    It's seriously a horrible surgery and should be taken more seriously. I swear, it can drive people insane. I was soo miserable, and now that I'm better, everyone is freaked out by the sound of me laughing, or seeing me smile, because they haven't heard/seen that in years!

    So please pleaseeeee ask about Questran.
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    I will tell my mom in the morning!!!
    Thank u so much!
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