7 month hair growth, cut it?

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This is my hair after 7 months growing it, I really don't know what to do with it, not sure if i like it. I just apply some curl activator gel and that's it. I just feel like cutting my hair again. How should I take care of this type of hair? What is important for me to know? Also I have a cowlick.




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    What dont you like about it? And what are some of your properties?

    I have coarse 3c/3b hair, apl when stretched. As its grown, the curls have loosened a bit. Some basic staples of my routine:
    Condition everyday (keep moisturized for strong hair)
    Weekly deep conditioning treatments
    Limit sulphate shampoo washes (I still need it on occasion)
    Wear a silk cap at night
    No heat styling

    All of these help the health of our hair. I am also protein sensitive (everyone is different) so I avoid products with protein. Right now Flax Seed Gel with a bit of oils is my only styler. GL!

    PS - I have a cowlick too, my boyfriend thinks its cute :)
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    What don't you like about your hair? It's beautiful. I can't see any signs of bad treatment or damage, so the things you're doing to take care of it must be working. It's in a really good condition. I wouldn't cut it if I were you, but everyone is different.

    Do you have any hair length goals? Are you just bored? Has your hair not been what you thought it would be? I'm just trying to figure out what the problem is. From what I can see, you have a head full of healthy, gorgeous curls. I'm sure people in your life are envious of your hair, even if no one has made it known to you.


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