Hard water damage : how do I get my curls back ?

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Hello everyone ! :salut:

I am new to this forum,

my name is Getmycurlback (I think says it all ) and I live in London. Nice to meet you all ! :blob8:

Here is my problem.

I moved out to London 1 year and a half ago. Originally, my hair were 3 a type. I was using good products. I recently moved to another flat 4 month ago. Since then It has been a complete nightmare for my hair. :angry3: Before my curls were perfectly defined with a lot a volume. Now, my hair are wavy, dry and flat... My hair became 2c/2b type.
I know it is due to the very hard water for London.

Yesterday I used a cleansing shampoo (the Kms california brand - Head remedy clarify shampoo) and heavy conditioner . It was a COMPLETE disaster for my hair. (and big waste of £12 :angry3:)

Any tips to get my curls back ? I am desperate !

Thank you very much for your help


  • NaturalistaNaturalista Posts: 5,491Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    You need a chelating shampoo/treatment AND/OR a shower filter. The shower filter will likely be the most cost effective thing over time.

    CJ Daily Fix
    Aubrey Organics Swimmer's shampoo
    Joico KPak Chelating shampoo
    Nexxus Aloe Rid
    Elucence Moisture acidifying shampoo
    Kenra makes one too I think...


    It doesn't have to be labeled clarifying/chelating either. Stuff that has acetic acid higher on the list and/or Disodium EDTA, Tetrasodium EDTA or
    Sodium Citrate (Trisodium Citrate) should do the trick. All else fails.. Apple cider vinegar works well. Check your formulations.

    Type: 3c with some 4a highlighted
    Low porosity thick/coarse texture. nml elasticity
    Routine: No rules, just happy hair

    Cleanse: CJDF, Prell, LUSH Curly Wurly, Bobeam
    LI/RO:BBB, CJ, SheaM, HEHIS, Garnier, KBN Shealoe, CD Chocolat, Oyin HH
    Styling: CJ, CR, UFD, Zuresh, Ecostyler,MJ
    PT/DT: BBB, CJ, Lather, MJSSB

    HUGE PJJJJJJJJ!!!!:love4:

  • GetmycurlbackGetmycurlback Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hello Naturalista, :hello2:

    Nice to meet you and thank you so much for your help !

    I thought about about the shower filter. It will be my next investment. I agree that I will be the most effective on long term anyway.

    I am going to follow your advice for the shampoo. Iam going to try one that you gave in your list. I will keep you inform of the result !

    Thank you very much again !! :thumright:


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